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BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 Smartphone

September 1st, 2010

The Pearl 3G phone is designed in the same frame as the popular Bold 9700 phone, which was touted by BlackBerry as an all in one model for work and personal needs.  The Pearl, however, has dropped the QWERTY style keyboard and only has standard ABC texting capacity.  For those who need the keyboard shortcut to use their favorite Internet or texting routines, the Pearl 3G may be a frustrating choice.  For others who only need a simple option, the Pearl delivers all the regular functions they are accustomed to from BlackBerry’s standard laundry list with a powerful three gigabyte processor.

Pearl BlackBerry phones are relatively new to the market and boast some of the best specs and capabilities available from any mobile phone company.  Weighing only a tenth of a kilogram and coming in at ten by five centimeters, it is a compact and smaller phone than some of the more powerful and bulkier designs.  What the Pearl lacks in size, however, makes up in speed.  With a 256 megabyte memory slot, it can hold almost unlimited contact information and can be upgraded with new memory cards if more space for photos or songs are needed.  Running WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB ports means the Pearl can hold and transfer information from any source.  The full color screen and camera run off a 5 hour battery.

Email has always been the hallmark of BlackBerry phones, and setting up an online account with the Pearl 3G is no different.  Even with a relatively small screen space, the phone’s automated email inbox is large enough to hold dozens of messages.  BlackBerry uses different color and fonts for emails, so specific messages from sites like Facebook, eBay, Twitter, and Amazon come in easy to recognize formats.

Full media capability is standard in the 3G phone.  Users can skip through music and video libraries with play, pause, and skip buttons at the top of their screen without needing to drop out of other windows.  The basic camera provides 3.2 megapixel pictures, which most customers claim is high quality enough for their needs; phones with higher grade cameras are also available.

Though customers say the calls are clear and there are few drops, the calling interface is frustrating.  BlackBerry’s network is considered by some to be difficult to navigate than their competitors; the sixth version is being released in a matter of months and will hopefully streamline the bugs and lag of the current operating system.  Most applications for the phone are free, and the most often used apps — such as MySpace and Facebook — are not only free but constantly updated.

BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 deals can be found from any major mobile phone retailer, in store or online.  BlackBerry deals are often featured from phone retailers with either cash back incentives or bonus minutes on calling plans.  300 or 500 minute monthly plans can cost anywhere from five to twenty pounds less each month than direct orders; check out wireless outlets like T-Mobile or Vodafone for smart phone payment plans, financingarraignments, and terms of lease duration.

Although I love the look of the Pearl 3G, I would not really want to give up my Qwerty to own one, but I think its a greaty “candy bar” style phone.

I could not find any formal review videos of the Pearl 3G 9105 that were really worth posting, so I settled on the one below instead. It does not really go through all the features as thoroughly as some of the others but it gives a clear view of the phone and I quite like the soundtrack :-D


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