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BlackBerry Torch 9800

September 9th, 2010

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 has recently been released and I am really excited about getting my hands on it. I never really liked the Storm that much as I found typing my blog posts was pretty tricky, but, I think the blend of touch screen and keyboard present in the torch 9800 will be pretty powerful.

Also the blackberry torch 9800 will run BlackBerry OS 6 which is supposed to give significant improvements over older operating systems.

Software 6 has new software for working online, such as RSS and social feeds in addition to Facebook etc. It also has Universal search. It features a “launch pad” touch icon to launch into applications, instead of needint to hit the launch key and nagivate to applicatoins, very convenient!

The Browser is also much improved, based on WebKit, and has an acellerometer that will rotate the screen if you flip your phone on its side. It is a very different animal from previous BlackBerries and is a much smarter kind of smart phone!

Its really geared toward those that spend time online using their phones (as I of course do) and I think its really going to help me.

Of course, there are other phones on the market that are argually better, the HTC Desire springs to mind, however, I have always been a BlackBerry girl and am not about to abandon ship now, not with a product like the Torch 9800 on the market!

I found this coold video you can watch if you want to see my latest (nearly… soon to be) toy :-D


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